“Revisionism, the bourgeoisie inside the communist movement.”

door Paul Vermeer op zondag 19 december 2010 om 19:24
After socialism is been destroyed in the Sovietunion and the explosion of the country of Lenin, all communists has to understand that revisionism is the most dangerous ideological enemy of marxism-leninism. Its beyond any doubt that revisionism represents the bourgeoisie inside the communist movement[1]
One has to be carefully by concluding that the line of one or another communist party in the world is revisionist or even concluding that the line of one or another communist party is contaminated with a lot of opportunist conceptions. However, it is my opinion that I can prove that there is a development of revisionism in , what is called, “the international communist movement”. That development of revisionism is based on, and is using, certain existing opportunist conceptions ( in different communist parties). In some parties the revisionist line has become the main line IN those parties.
At this moment this is the case of the once revolutionary Workers Party of Belgium.(WPB, Partij Van De Arbeid van België, PVDA/PTB) This was possible because the leading cadres succeeded (through different mechanisms, I will discus in later articles) by putting IN the mind of the majority of the members, a conception of "marxism" or "scientific socialism" wich was in fact metaphysics and idealism (instead of dialectical materialism) formulated in "marxist-sounding fraseology". That kind of leading cadres, perhaps ONCE entered the party on revolutionary conceptions, on a certain moment chosed for a bourgeois classpoint of view. Those cadres could mask their conceptions with Marxist phraseology easily, because they had often an encyclopedic knowledge of publications, articles and books of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong......and they were often responsible for the marxist formation of the majority of the party-militants.....
While I made allready a lot of analising in dutch on my weblog, I like to begin now in English to make an analysis of the text that is been put on the website of the Workers Party of Belgium, http://www.wpb.be/, on thursday, 17 November 2005, 12h40, "Contribution to the International Symposium held in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, 13 - 15 October - Friedrich Engels and scientific socialism in contemporary China". The introduction of the “Marxist” analysis of Peter Franssen:
It is 110 years since Friedrich Engels, the man who along with his companion Karl Marx laid the foundations of scientific socialism, passed away. To commemorate his death, an international symposium was held in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The organisers were the University of Wuhan, the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of China and the Academy of Social Sciences of China. 32 Chinese speakers made contributions, as well as 13 foreigners. At the request of the organisers, Peter Franssen, journalist with the Belgian weekly Solidaire and researcher at the Institute for Marxist Studies, wrote a contribution, which you can read in full below.....
An example of conscious REVISIONISM (because the use of a encyclopedic knowledge of the most works of Marx, Engels and Lenin to find the suited QUOTES to “prove” the ADVANCED IDEA of our revisionist) is where Peter Franssen[2] is quoting Lenin:
Hence the New Economic Policy with among others this directive of Lenin: “ We shall lease the enterprises that are not absolutely essential for us to lessees, including private capitalists and foreign concessionaires.[3]” Lenin added that this period could last a long time: “But it will take a whole historical epoch to get the entire population into the work of the co-operatives through NEP. At best we can achieve this in one or two decades.[4]
Well,  you can read  here (https://docs.google.com/View?docid=dhr99sm5_685c4w7qdc&hl=en), the full text of Peter Franssen and here (https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B8UoQVLZKKQvNGZlZmRkYTAtODllYy00MGFkLWFkZmMtNDNhMDJmOGM1Mzhi&hl=en)my argumentation why his text proves that Peter Franssen (also national cadre of the WPB/PVDA/PTB)is a revisionist and NOT a Marxist." 

[1] "About certain aspects of the struggle against revisionism", Ludo Martens in Marxistische Studies no 29, march 1996, (see www.marx.be), a discussion report on the International Seminar in Janashakti, India organised by the PCI(ML)
[2] Peter Franssen, cadre of the WPB, defends the revisionist line of the CCP since 1978 (read the whole text here), in previous articles (beginning here) I (once member of the WPB, expelled in 2005) analyse his text as an negative example of the actual revisionism in the International Communist Movement.
[3] Lenin, New Times and Old Mistakes in a New Guise, Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, Volume 33, p.28
[4] Lenin, On Co-operation, Collected Works, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1965, Volume 33, p.470.

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