Greek communists infected by nineteenth century liberalism: ”development of nations for a national capitalism”

How is the “traditionally” and selfdeclared “vanguard” (the communist party: KKE) of the (only GREEK?) working class, leading the (only GREEK?) class-struggle to a revolutionary objective (of a GREEK revolution?):
“The statement of the PB of the CC of the KKE on the recent developments in Greece which was issued on the 7/6, stressed the following: “It is an encouraging fact that the people and the youth are on the streets demonstrating their anger which has built up. A more substantial militant mood could be created, if it develops into a decisive participation in the organized class-oriented popular movement, which struggles to repel and reverse the barbaric anti-people political line and not to change the individuals in government, or for small adjustments to be made to the memoranda of the monopolies. The government, the parties and the mechanisms of the system have every interest in the spontaneous mass anger retaining a vague orientation. That it be trapped in insipid slogans or in reactionary ideological constructs.
For the working class, popular and youth struggles to be effective and to have the power to erect barriers against the escalating barbaric measures they must target those responsible for the problems of the people, which are the business groups, the EU and the parties which serve them . To fight for the contemporary rights, to aim at necessary radical changes which are required at the level of the economy and power, so that the development serves the people’s needs and not the profits of big capital”.

On the 7/6 the Communist Youth of Greece carried out mass demonstration in Athens and Thessalonica, in which thousands of young people took part.

The Secretary of the CC of KNE , Theodoris Chionis, spoke at the rally in Athens and stressed that it is the “capitalist ownership of the means of production and land which hinders the utilisation of the wealth produced by the working class and the popular strata for their own needs. For this reason every business, every workplace, farm, port, airport, hospital popular neighbourhood, training and educational institute must become a fortress of the implacable struggle against capital and its parties, against the barbaric measures, with the aim that they become social property.” [1]

Not only the GREEK “government, parties and mechanisms of the system have every interest in the spontaneous mass anger retaining a vague orientation.” No, the WHOLE (at least already) EUROPEAN working class submitted to IDENTICAL austerity plans ordered by THE SAME IMPERIALIST FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS will “be trapped in insipid slogans or in reactionary ideological constructs.”.... as there is the “national revolution”, which is in Europe of today a slogan of nineteenth liberalism....which resulted in the nineteenth century in “GREECE” or ......“BELGIUM”.
This is NOT teaching how to handle IMPERIALISM in which the main-form of “
means of production” are GLOBAL integrated production lines; from all kind of natural ressources over the production of intermediary products and production-FACILITIES and logistics until the final endproduct-assembling and its distribution- and sales-lines, ready to be selled by which the build-up surplusvalue – alreay advanced along those productionlines by speculation and financial operations – will be finally realised whenever the product will or can be sold. You have to begin expropriation by breaking those productionlines – by take in posession All the refining-, logistic- and transport , and ressources and energy delivering MONOPOLIES in a whole VAST region (for example in the whole EU) For this, the working masse has to be organised, united and “armed” or “powered” to confront the reaction of the forces of the capitalist sistem: not only materially “armed” or “powered” but in the first place by a revolutionary CONSCIOUSNESS.
To propagate very general slogans to a - already by the beginning -
limited part of the working class (just those workers within a certain “nation” - as if capitalism today is national organised!!), you are misleading the workers and playing OBJECTIVELY the role of defending the capitalist interests (of CONTINUING the existence of imperialism). You are NARROWING the conscriousness of the workers:  of those in Greece to a irrational “GREEK revolution” and of the workers of the other “nations” who will never will feel INVOLVED to an “only” GREEK revolution. While the (for example) LUXEMBOURG working class will have to be focused on the .....Luxemburg-revolution !?.....or the Belgian working class on the BELGIAN revolution....
“We call the people to rise up, a new intensification of our strength and efforts for the sharpening of the class struggle. From tomorrow we will visit the workplaces, we will give our best, so that on the 15th of June next Wednesday on the day of the general strike that everything closes, that Greece comes to a halt, in order to break the bullying of the bosses and to smash the blackmail of the government. The demonstrations of PAME must be like surging torrents.
We are making a call to arms so that the organization of the people multiplies, changing wherever necessary the balance of forces, through mass and combative participation. We must wage the struggle everywhere in defence of the unemployed, young workers, youth in the training institutes and universities, the youth from ordinary families with as our goal a radical overthrow of the capitalist system.

Today there exist additional pre-conditions for the liberation of the people and youth from the bourgeois dilemmas and ambitions, as well as from the dead-ends of the system. There also exist traps. For this reason they must ally with the KKE. We will not pay for the crisis, the debts and the profits of capital. We struggle so that the working class and its allies becomes the boss in this country and in its life.” [2]
As now more or less spontaneously protest and mobilisation against austerity-plans is whole Europe is build up (not coincidentaly following the way protest is been build up in Tunesia, Egypt and so on) the problem is now: which strategy, what to do now, the “traditionally vanguard” is now losing the initiative, limiting themselves to “commenting” and “reporting” and FOLLOWING somehow the development of slogans or political ideas. They have no real elaborated and concrete analysis resulting in a concrete revolutionary strategy by which they can increase the consciousness of the masses already in struggle. They can only lament and complain about the “wrong” ideas, the “wrong” slogans “which are not in the interests of the workers”.
“On Friday the blogs which are guiding the movement of the “indignant” citizens published a statement of the “indignant” citizens in Syntagma Square that called on the left forces to leave the squares. Thus, the “anonymous” leaders of the “movement of the squares”, the “non-party aligned”, “spontaneous”, “non-politicised” citizens appear to be politicised and declaring themselves “anti-left”.
Perhaps that’s the reason why they are hiding behind their anonymity. Up until this point they declared as their enemy the policy that brings poverty and unemployment while their slogan was to get rid of the memorandum and the politicians that implement it. This element along with the fact that they organise mobilisations expresses a political position.

Now they are showing one more aspect of their political stance and practice attributing the barbaric policy that leads the people and the youth to destitution generally to all the parties -including the KKE. Of course, they do not demonstrate who benefits from this policy; they do not show the real enemies which are the monopolies, the capitalists.

They are against the organised class-oriented trade union movement arguing that the trade unions must leave the squares. But the trade union movement is not homogenous. Is there any relation between the government and employer-led trade unionism that assisted the adoption of the barbaric measures and PAME that organised strikes and mass rallies against them along with PASEVE, PASY, OGE and MAS?

The self-definition of “non-party aligned” that they have used so far, which was extolled by the media groups of the capitalists, as well as their logic concerning the issue of democracy, proves to be nothing less than hypocrisy. Likewise, their intention to allegedly unite the people even on the basis of the vague anti-memorandum content of “the movement of the squares” since positions like “out with the left”, “parties out”, “trade unions out” are divisive while they are not that democratic , or, to be more accurate, they are undemocratic.

At the same time, and while they oppose the memorandum and the horrible measures they do not say a word against the government, the EU, the political forces that agree with this policy. They are merely talking in general about the politicians who implement it with vague arguments while they equate the KKE with these parties.
The prevention of the political and ideological expression of the working people, who have the right to have their own point of view and express it openly and publicly in general and in particular within the movement, where the ideological political struggle unfolds, is not only at odds with democracy, especially within the movement, but it also muzzles it.

Furthermore, each movement, even the spontaneous ones but even more so the movement in the squares has an objective, no matter if one agrees with it or not. But this action reveals that the leaders of the movements of the squares have a point of view: either you come to the square with our ideological-political positions leaving yours out of the movement or don’t come at all, stay away from the squares.

It seems that it is a well elaborated tactic in order to draw dividing lines between popular forces which are organised in trade unions, parties, which do not conceal their ideology, their policy even their party identity and those who go to the squares, who are also ordinary people most of whom have believed in the bourgeois parties that betrayed their hopes for a better life, are disgusted with the bourgeois policy and are looking for a way out.

After all whom does the logic “parties and trade unions out” serve ? At this point, we will not repeat that those from the blogs are preparing a party with the name “Immediate Democracy” as stated on TV . But there is also one truth that they do not want to come to the fore, that they try to conceal as the bourgeois media do at times; namely that not all parties are the same, that the so called non-party movement of the squares is a political entity, which, although it calls itself non-party aligned, is a political entity and has a political position against the other parties irrespective of what it claims for itself.

From the first time that this form of mobilisations appeared we posed a question: Who is hiding behind the blogs and the internet? Why they do not appear? What does their anonymity mean? Shouldn’t this fact concern those who gather in the squares? Because they should know which forces invite them and organize these activities. Because the blogs are not enough, nor does everything begin spontaneously from a blog, even if they contribute to the mobilizations as does their huge promotion by the media.

But it seems that anonymity helps those who are behind the blogs and not only them. After all the experience of the people’s movement shows that there are also organised forces that appear as forces of the “movement” and oppose – no matter if they do it intentionally or not- the organised people’s movement while when they are in action they hide their faces with hoods.

Now the movement of those with no name has emerged. The people who are concealing themselves have a specific purpose, which they are also trying to hide. They present themselves as pro-people leaders but they do not point to the real opponent of the people.
The people who cover their faces with hoods oppose the state’s repressive mechanisms, the windows of shops and banks-they consider these to be their opponents and not the monopolies. Their activity fosters tendencies for the movement to lose its organized character, impede the participation of the people and does not cultivate a rebellious consciousness.

The procedures of direct democracy allegedly express participation from below in anti-memorandum activity. But which political force will impose its will so that the memorandum is abandoned? For them they are against politicians and political parties. So who will do it? Other politicians, and perhaps other organized forces with the political line which is being expressed in the squares, which are not against the monopolies and the capitalists. So we are talking about another reformed bourgeois system. Maybe this is their aim?

Of course, the specific view “parties out” makes some people from specific parties appear as defenders of their party line in the morning, they flatter those who express the “non-party position” despite the fact that these very people are leading party cadre, and in the evening they go to the squares as “non-party people”. This is hypocrisy on a massive scale, if not outright fraud. Ordinary people, young people participate in the squares to express their indignation, discontent, anger at the government, the EU, the Troika. But they do understand or do not accept the political line for the overthrow of the system. These working people must not be ensnared in the net which the system is preparing through the so-called “non-party” and spontaneous. The conflict with the monopolies is not colourless. There needs to be a plan, a strategy, ideals, contribution and sacrifices. It means allying with the KKE, the class-oriented radical forces, new forces, which are starting to mobilise overcoming their inertia and tolerance, must make this step forwards.

Ordinary people, young people participate in the squares to express their indignation, discontent, anger at the government, the EU, the Troika. But they do understand or do not accept the political line for the overthrow of the system. These working people must not be ensnared in the net which the system is preparing through the so-called “non-party” and spontaneous. The conflict with the monopolies is not colourless. There needs to be a plan, a strategy, ideals, contribution and sacrifices. It means allying with the KKE, the class-oriented radical forces, new forces, which are starting to mobilise overcoming their inertia and tolerance, must make this step forwards. It conceals the real opponent of the people, the monopolies, which have the power.

The worker is deluding himself if he believes that the mobilizations in the squares are enough to liberate him from the old and new problems which have been foisted on him, without a movement which begins from and is rooted in the factories and industries, in every workplace, against the capitalist class. When the movement is not strong in the factories, whatever mobilisations take place do not have solid foundations. The real arena of class struggle is the workplace, the industry. It is there where the workers come into daily uncompromising struggle with the big businessmen- which flows from their relative class relations, the relations of exploitation, because the wealth and profits of the capitalists are produced by the labour of the workers. Some say in the squares as well, and this is also necessary, but primarily in the place where the class opponents come into conflict. Here is the real core of the class-oriented political struggle.
The worker is deluding himself if he believes that people’s mobilizations must be far from all the parties or against all of them. Such a movement is condemned to be subjugated to the political line of the capitalists, to contribute to the perpetuation of exploitation.

The worker is deluding himself if he believes that the bourgeois political system can function in the people’s interests. The bourgeois political system cannot be corrected, only overthrown.

The worker is deluding himself if he promotes the demand to get rid of the memorandum, without accompanying this with the demand for withdrawal from the EU and the overthrow of the state of the monopolies in Greece.

The people needs the movement which gives it a clear prospect. This means an organized struggle allied to the KKE, a struggle through the class-oriented movements of PAME, PASY, PASEVE, OGE and MAS. Only these forces can oppose the strategy of the monopolies and their servants with the strategy for the people’s interests. Without such a strategy, the people will not find a way out.[3]

The KKE is deluding the worker if they mobilise not in the WHOLE EU-area against the “political line of the EUROPEAN organised capitalists“ of not only “perpetuation” but in INCREASING the level of exploitation.
The KKE is deluding the worker when they talk only GENERAL about “bourgeois political system”, while IN FACT in a DOGMATIC way focus the worker on the GREEK nation(-state) as the “bourgeois political systam” which has to be “overthrown”.
The KKE is deluding the worker when they mobilise for “get rid of the memorandum” and focus him on “radical reforms” AND isolate the GREEK worker by focus him on “ withdrawal from the EU” and that overthrowing imperialism can by done by an ISOLATED struggle of the GREEK worker to “ overthrow of the state of the monopolies in Greece”.

“Greek crisis” is not a problem of the Greek worker. IMPERIALISM is the COMMON problem of ALL the workers

What now is called the Greek crisis is just an expression of the overall overcapacity crisis in which global imperialism is since – lets say – 1974.
This crisis is fundamental and imperialism cannot offer a solution to come out of that crisis and then to go on – not without increasing the exploitation level of the worldwide working class to higher levels, nor without fierce competition to “destroy” capacities, increase productivity in the “remaining” capacities (in order to win as much of the “shrinking” or limited market as possible) and so come again to a overcapacity that will be AGAIN “be solved” by increasing exploitation-level and fierce competition in where capacities has to be destroyed and where they will be expanded again. And by the increasing exploitation-level of the global working-class less and less potential “buyers” of the in the imperialist production-system produced goods and products….while the NEEDS are many!
The market is composed by “buyers” with an income to buy. So with a world-population of 5 billion with all kind of NEEDS, you have “just” several hundreds of millions potential “buyers”of the produced goods and products. THAT is the anarchy of the imperialist production-sistem!. When the capacities are to big and so produce possible overproduction (when they would produce in full capacity), IN FACT you can say that there is to little income at the “buyers”-side to buy all production….or a lot of people with NEEDS have no income to BUY the by imperialist production- sistem “suggested” solution to those needs.

The problem of fundamental overcapacity is temporary “solved” by advancing to income-low but potential buyers of  their “possible” FUTURE (and pretended HIGHER) income, by banks (to pay back in the future with an interest/rent) So “buyers” with too LITTLE income will then buy AT HIGHER PRICES (the price plus the interest/rent), products which in fact they could NOT buy with their ACTUAL income. The idea/illusion is that in the future their income would be higher, so that “easily” can paid then, that higher price (price plus interest).
But in the fierce competition among the global monopolies, capacities (factories) are closed (production is centralised in larger and productive sites), and workers have been fired. In the remaining capacities; productivity is increased (so MORE is produced with LESS people – so workers fired) and exploitation level has been increased (so - instead of higher wage - LESS wage of which a part is included indirect wage sometime in the form of “corporate taxes” for funding social security, pension etc....)....
But now the former HIGHER prices (price plus credit-intrest) for those bought products has to be paid, AND meanwhile  necessary and vital products (and services seen as “products”) has to be bought.... with DECREASED income.
An overall wage-decrease can also be induced by the speculation-driven overall PRICE-INCREASES of vital products. In the stage of imperialism - where normally in “capitalism of the old days” prices would decrease by overproduction – prices can so INCREASE by speculation!
THIS is the origin of what is called “the credit-crisis or financial crisis”. But in fact it is just a part of the overall imperialist crisis in which still surplus-values will be extracted (and profits accumulated) ....but poverty by the workers is increasing.

So there is NO OTHER WAY OUT for the whole global working class (and all those who are negatively touched by the crisis) than tear down imperialism and in one way or another (in whatever phases or stages or local or regional first breakthroughs) finally go for the world-revolution.

That means that in as big regions as is possible (with the highest possible consciousness of the involved worker-masses) tear down (regionally) already as far as possible imperialist production-relations and to begin to build communist production-relations, by expropriating as much as possible the global integrated production-lines.
The crucial point is that through the experiences and the practice of class-truggle (in which what is called “the vanguard” is involved as integrated part of those masses) consciousness can as far as possible increased.
Therefore the worker have to understand what is CONCRETELY “imperialism” (the stage in which capitalism is today).
But what is traditionally called “the van-guard” or as they are declaring themselves - namely the communists or the communist parties - is plagued by dogmatism and is IN FACT not LEADING but “following” (by “commenting” and “lamenting”) the class-struggle.
This is what Lenin called “economism” and Mao called “taillism”. Lenin unmasked the opportunism behind this, naming it (but elaborated and concretely described) “Kautskyanism”,  “economism” and “Menchevism”, as Mao named that opportunism (but also elaborated analysed and characterised) “dogmatism and empirism”. They both said that at the end such opportunism lead to REVISIONISM – Bourgeois political “strategy” of not overthrowing imperialism but MAINTAINING imperialism.

The Greek communists are not leading the working class to revolution as the revolution will or cannot be “limited” to Greece. Leaving it to “the Greek workers” means that the austerity-plans in GREECE at the and will be go forth - street-protests and strikes to “put pression on the parliament” cannot stop this -  ....and then this will be repeated in Portugal, Spain, Belgium and then again Germany, France,...... to come after a round again to Greece to the next increasing of exploitation-level “needed” for “solving” the crisis, which cannot be solve by measures WITHIN the imperialist system. So imperialism will stay on rotting and parasiting until the workers will decide to tear it down.  So the “natural van-guard” is DIVIDING the working class in the EU  - which by the EU itself (!) is PRACTICALLY unified: ALL the workers of Europe will be submitted step by step to the SAME increasing of the exploitation-level dictated by imperialist capital.
At the same moment, the more or less spontaneous movements of “indignants” which put already in question the NATIONAL organised “parliamentary democracy” , is so already becoming a “border-crossing” movement (with indeed a still “naive political line). The so-called “natural or traditional vanguard” is DIVIDING the working-class along NATIONAL member-”state” borders and in the best way for VERY GENERAL revolutionary sounding slogans or otherwise for “radical”, “democratic” and “social” reforms WITHIN the national borders.  The “natural van-guard” can only lament and complain that the “new” movement for social improvement and 'real” people-democracy, is not really attracted to this dogmatism and generalism which lead at the end to the same REFORMISM of which they accused those “new movements”. And that is now the problem of those “national” organised “vanguards”, the “national-communist” parties.

[3]              http://inter.kke.gr/News/news2011/2011-06-07-arthro-syntaksis, ”Article of the Editorial Board of Rizospastis on the mobilizations of the “indignants”in Greece, published on June 5th. -  Parties and trade unions out or with the KKE and the class oriented movement? Editorial board of Rizospastis (First published in Rizospastis on 5/6/2011)

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