Note “What has to be done?”, I made in a discussion in a (FB-) group.

Organisational proposals in a discussion about the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt as well as in Greece or France
I was thinking these days of “what has to be done” These are just notes more or less spontaneously. I give them now just to stimulate discussion.

With the ongoing protest and revolt in Tunisia, your reactions on it and comparing it somehow with the latest protest/strikes in France it became clearer for me “what is to be done”.
There has a concrete elaborate analyse to be made which will “unmask” the real underlying struggle.
I will give now some points, that has to be worked out more concretely and correctly.
In Tunisia, in Egypt, in Algeria, in Morocco, the imperialist economic and politic powers/global ruling class is forcing on CONTRADICTIONARY politics. At one hand they want that exploitation level is to be raised, at the other hand they want to force to more consumption (that is that as much produced goods and services has to be SOLD so that the surplus-value build up along the whole production-line is REALISED....and can again be OWNED by the imperialist class.

ALL those countries have installed governments who sold their country out to imperialism, by entering all kind of treaties and associations, reduce all tariff barriers, so all resources, all products produced IN the country can be exported at very low prices being available for the global imperialist production-lines, FDI can be lead to very low-priced investment that can export surplus-value extracted from low-waged workers (because of the downward pressing by the very high unemployment). And produced goods at the end of the production-lines, wherever produced and stocked somewhere in the world, can be IMPORTED need to be SOLD. So the low-waged workers involved somehow in the production of the goods - in the winning of the natural resources and perhaps a first refining of feedstock-base products that will be LOW-priced EXPORTED (for the production of end-products, produced along global production-lines) that at the end will be IMPORTED to be SOLD, because they are goods needed to live, energy-products oil and fuel for cars, high tech consumer-products, clothing, medicines and also much of the food and the drinks.

Study has now to be done to make this CONCRETE now for Tunisia. The import-export balance seemed to be in balance more or less. But an import FIGURE or an export FIGURE is a volume x price. So when a big volume at LOW price is exported and for import of a lesser volume MUCH is paid, you can say that a county is somehow “plundered” although “import and export are in balance”. And that a regime that protect such a system: of exploitation of “their own workforces” so that there can be produced at very low costs and so the export CAN be low-priced (at the benefit of the “buying” monopolies using those low priced products as resources for their production-lines. But a study has to be made to make this concrete NOW for Tunisia….but also for Algeria, Morocco and Egypt. Then you can prove concretely that the spontaneous protests against “national particularities” (a corrupt or authoritarian regime – in all those countries- , against unemployment – in Algeria AND in Tunisia – against high price housing –in Algeria, the higher food-prices – a consequence of the GLOBAL imperialist system and its SPECULATION, etc) has an underlying struggle IN FACT against imperialism…But it has to been made CONSCIOUSLY by the protesting and striking and revolting population.

But in fact what is  similar to what is going on IN the imperialist centres, is that continuously the exploitation-level will be raised (less pension, less social security, more costly healthcare, more costly schooling, “public” transport, more costs for ALL what is necessary to live: housing, food...) and more and more goods and services produced by PRIVATISED enterprises(former state-enterprises) but now integrated in imperialist global production-lines have to be bought.
Imperialism led to chaos, anarchy in the production, more and more misery, hunger, poverty, homeless people, and repression on class-struggle, repression on migration, war, and fascism.
So HERE a similar CONCRETE analyse has to been made for to PROVE that the “national” protests in Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Britain and France has to raise above a protest against the deterioration of certain “national” achievements once made by the “national” working-class. Not it has to be a UNITED struggle against the imperialist policy of EUROPE of the monopolies. AND then a link can made to similar struggles in North Africa.

This has to be propagated concretely adapted to the local culture, the local concrete struggle, and the local political situation. But had to lead in increasing consciousness among the people in struggle, that they will be a part of a worldwide fight to take all political, economical power AND the power of repression (military,, police etc) and to take all claimed ownership of resources, industry distribution, logistics, communication facilities out of the hand of the global ruling class which is ruling worldwide imperialism.
The workers have to unite as far as possible in regions as big as possible, disregarding “national frontiers” to beat imperialism in a big as possible part of the world.
So when therefore Pan-Arabic, pan-American, pan African, pan-Asian, or European continental workers-unity in anti-imperialism (and anti-colonialism, anti-racism is a part of the anti-imperialist ideology) can relatively easily enter the minds of people then this has to be the way it has to be done.
BUT the organisation of those who are at the same time PART of that mass-unity AND are the leading vanguard HAS TO BE THE FIRST to be organised themselves at that level: pan-Arabic, pan American, pan-African and ALL-European....
The first step is that there will be an ad-hoc organisation who will start with a first concept of concrete analyse that lead to a first concept of anti-imperialist strategy. (….and perhaps a balance of the struggle in France combined with now a concrete analyse of what is going on in Tunisia can be a concrete contribution to this) With that, the first propaganda and discussions can be done (by the ad-hoc vanguard organisation coming out of the already ongoing struggle and being a part of it), making a text that can be discussed during participation to manifestations of by making a press-release or whatever), contact can be taken with persons ALL over the region, and contacts can be taken with persons and organisations in OTHER regions.
So perhaps contacts can be made with Tunisians, Algerians, Moroccans living HERE to see if they have contact with revolting comrades or organisations on the spot.

That has to lead later to in a certain region a first congress (in Europe as well as in North-Africa for example) of the vanguard organisation of that specific region (....and where will be invited as guests, representatives of vanguard of another region)

About the revolution in Europe (but a similar strategy can be followed in North-Africa for example)
A concrete strategy has to be developed to mobilise the whole working-class in Europe for the anti-imperialist struggle which has to result in an expropriating of the capitalists, the installing of a workers-power which will control the European public enterprises which are build out of the expropriated imperialist assets.
Strategically, knowing how the global imperialist production-lines are functioning, all has first to concentrate on the resources-winning, resources-handling and resources refining monopolies. Striking, occupying, in fact a kind of “expropriating” has to be concentrated on these enterprises, installations, stocks and transportation-networks.
This can only be done, if there an organisation-structure exists, that will organise all workers and other layers who has OBJECTIELY all interest in overcoming imperialism. After democratic discussions, making conclusions out of a balance of already experienced moments of struggle, a democratic way of consultations and decision-making, an overall agreed strategy is accepted in which everybody will play his role.

The taking of the control over all the resources-delivering enterprises will be the work of not only the workers IN those enterprises, but of the whole of the workers-organisation.
For example, when those facilities are occupied and blocked, and repression will be organised, the defence of the occupied “expropriated” facilities will be the work of the workers, students, and unemployed youth in the suburbs. Revolt in other places will lead to a division of the repression-forces.
With all the base-industry lying still, the workers themselves have to be fed. So township-committees have to be organised for the delivering of necessities to the workers. Those township-committees have to be a part of the overall-organisation of the workers. So will a double power installed: the bourgeois state-power next to the new developed workers-power.

How to come to an overall-organisation of the European workers
In every existing class-struggle, in every class-conflict the discussion has to be directed on the biggest syndical unification possible, to a proving that all measures taken to deteriorate all achievements of the working class (wage, work-security, social security, old age arrangements, etc) is a part of the overall policy of the European imperialist power to increase the level of exploitation of the European workers.

For example the situation of the rail-road workers or the post-delivery-workers.....
The role (in whole Europe) of the deregulation, the liberalisation, the privatisation, of post, railroad, energy etc....

The example of taking “national” measures (which are just a part of the overall-European measures) adapted to the “national” concrete situation: against pensions, against unemployed, against the sick and disabled...
The spontaneous resistance against those measures....There has to be vigilance of the role of reformist initiatives to get the leadership over this resistance, to deviate all power of the class-struggle to a dead end and of the preservation of the essentials of the imperialist policies…..

In fact the open imperialist bourgeois dictatorship is installing in Europe.
There is still a masquerade of parliamentary democracy of “sovereign” (member-) states. So you can choose for how the dictates of the imperialists (the capitalists in the stage of imperialism) will be implemented. But by the financial departments (“bancs”) of the global imperialist class pressing is put (by “ratings” and possible interest increases on borrowed capital) to increase level of exploitation of the (member-state-) working-class. It depends on which party is voted and the concrete   situation of the social security financing that is historically introduced in each (member-) state.
Whatever government-composition (“social-democratic-reformist”, “green-left-reformist”, liberal, “nationalist”(“there is enough national gathered wealth to distribute”), “regionalist” (“rich regions won't pay anymore for poor regions”, “region-foreign not 'own' population will be more exploited”, etc...) when they stay in the ideology of “there has to be borrowed to fill the debt-gape”, they have to follow the dictates of the bankers (increase level of exploitation so no more “tax-money” for a form of alternative income or for social security or healthcare, free schooling, social housing etc..... so that less spending will close the debt gap so that less has to be borrowed, and we will lower the interest-rate then)

And at the end, increasing the level of exploitation means less wage-cost  to be paid so (when all production will be sold) the realised surplus-value will increase, or whenever less production will be sold (because of the overcapacity) even then realised surplus-value-level can increase.
And as long as the working class is not breaking with the ideology of parliamentary democracy (in the member-states, they will focus even their class-struggle just on the last austerity-measures decided by the national governments to be cancelled. And then the different parties will blow smoke in how those austerity measures has to be decided or to be “changed”, or to be done less harmful for the “lower incomes” etc.... (Depending if they need the votes of the workers, so more for the reformist parties, and before all if “left”-reformists – with them the self-declared “communist” parties - are in the opposition – or are not even represented yet in parliament, then for the “liberal” parties)
So whenever this system is not unmasked for the working-class or whenever these the workers will not have a clear insight in the system, the class-struggle will not develop in revolutionary (capitalism overcoming) direction, and the workers will be ideological stay trapped in bourgeois ideology (in whatever formulation from liberal, neoliberal, over social-democratic-reformist and  green-left reformist, to “Marxist”-revisionist or “communist”-revisionist)

Why the only outcome out of “debt-crises”, “credit-crises”, and of “parliamentary democracy” and “dictatorship” which BOTH are controlled by the imperialist financial institutions to increase level of exploitation of “their” respective “national” working-class by austerity-plans, deterioration of social security and privatisation of all what is left of public services is: overthrowing imperialism

Capitalism in its final possible stage is in a fundamental and general overcapacity-crisis (what would be an overproduction crisis in pre-monopoly-capitalism) since 1974. For the imperialist monopolies this means only fiercer competition with big profits for the winners and destroying of capacity for the losers (so closures with loss of work-places) Capitalism is a production-system which is producing for a purchase powered demand. So lot of needs of the majority of the world population will never be fulfilled under capitalist production-relations because of lack of enough income to BUY. So the possible market for capitalism is limited (and has a tendency to decrease because of the number of people touched by the crisis).
Temporary and just “virtual” this overcapacity could be overcome.....by all forms of credit. The banks (institutions founded with capital “owned” by capitalists, result of historical piling of surplus-values out of the exploitation of workers -attracting all the money of the workers on their accounts) are “advancing” possible future income (to pay back to the banks with rent) So “buyers” WITHOUT enough income could now buy products. In fact those who have NOT enough income has to pay HIGHER prices for the same products that other buyers (with enough income) pay cash. Because you have to include the credit-interest in the price. The philosophy (the "suggestion" of the bankers) behind it is, that "FUTURE income will be higher, so that NOW easily can be bought (with later to pay credit)".
But capitalism has always the tendency (“forced” by the laws of competition) to INCREASE the level of exploitation and so to lower the wages, increase the productivity and intensify the work.
So has the earlier “masked” overcapacity again appeared! As the surplus-value “incorporate” in the products will be realised when is paid for the products, there is a problem when the “promised” payment cannot be fulfilled. The global imperialist dictatorship by the way of its financial institutions is now forcing the global working class to pay finally all the debts of their co-workers all over the world(by imposed “austerity-plans”), so that the surplus-values will be realised (and so the capital-building by the bankers/imperialists can further proceed). 
So there is no other outcome out of this diabolic spiral then destroy the capitalist production-system and to build a production-system in function of NEEDS.

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