My proposal for a discussion-subject with PFLP-responsibles which my FB-friend will meet.

My face-book friend Peter Terryn is going “on mission” in the Palestinian occupied (or encircled) areas. Among other things he wil meet people of the PFLP. He want to do an interview. But I would propose that he asked their opinion about the following point of view of me:

To the responsible of the PFLP:

For you Revolution is “the liberation of Palestine”. That can only mean: the Zionist entity has to be eliminated, in the whole Palestine (that is the former British mandatory region) imperialism has to be fought there and socialism has to be installed there…. (or what would be “revolution” otherwise?)

To my opinion this can never be done by “the Palestinians” alone, so the elimination of the Zionist entity can only be realised as a part of  All-Arab revolution. Otherwise you are asking to an Egyptian (feeling himself Egyptian, not Palestinian), as the Jordanian/Syrian/Lebanese/etc, to fight for the elimination of Israel, just out “solidarity” with “the Palestinians”. In fact you are asking then an Egyptian, Syrian,…. to help to build the Palestine peoples republic (while they are perhaps already doing a similar "own" revolution in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon? Will you than help him afterwards with it "out of solidarity" and having your "own" revolution already accomplished?...)

Not ten different revolutions within the borders drawn by the colonisator or by imperialism but ONE All-Arab revolution against imperialism in the WHOLE region
So the Egyptians, Tunisians, Syrians, Lebanese, etc..has to feel themselves all as Arabs dominated (in al different ways) by global imperialism. So the Tunisians, Egyptians etc can just free themselves when they consider themselves no more as Tunisians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Bahrainians, but as one people that has to fight imperialism, FIRST by unlink from imperialism, expropriating all agricultural sites, oil-sites, mineral-sites, metal-ore-sites, the transformation industry etc ….(until then producing for the imperialist global productionchains)… and build a socialist productionsystem. The whole Arab people has enough workers, peasant-workers, intelectual workers, engineers, scholars, have access to the most advanced technology (when you are considering the whole Arab region)to build an All-Arab peoples republic  under workers dictatorship.
THAT is revolution, of which “the liberation of Palestine” is just a PART, as  “the liberation of the Arab peninsular” (Saoudi Arabia and the UAE) is also a PART of it, and also a PART is: the incorporation of the nationalist bourgeois revolutions (in Syria, Iran), or sometime radical petty-bourgeois “revolutions” (as in Libya) into the All-Arab revolution.
This has consequences for all who consider themselves or are sometime considered as “revolutionary van-guard”. They are THE FIRST to free themselves of all kind of narrow “nationalism” (of “nations” once “allowed” or “installed” by the colonisators and the imperialists)

So when you are quoting Mao Zedong (in your “A Strategy for the Liberation of Palestine - February 1969 Congress”) as the argument of the development of your strategy, are you not making a mistake of dogatism?

…..In his article, "Analysis of the Classes of Chinese Society" (March 1926), Mao Tse-tung writes:
"Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This is a question of first importance for the revolution. The basic reason why all previous revlutionary struggles in China ahieve so little was their failure to unite with real friens in order to attack real enemies. A revolutionary party is the guie of the masses, and no revolution ever succees when the revolutionary party leads them astray. To ensure that we will definitely achieve success in our revolution and will not lead the masses astray, we must pay attention to uniting with our real friens in order to attack our real enemies. We must make a general analysis of the economic status of the various classes in Chinese society and of their respective attitudes towards the revolution."….
 Mao Zedong is speaking of  the anti-imperialist revolution which develop into the socialist revolution…IN WHOLE (formerly) IMPERIAL CHINA.
So are you not  closer to  a correct use of that quote when you would speak about a anti-imperialist revolution developing into socialist revolution IN THE WHOLE (formerly) OTTOMAN EMPIRE?

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