The coming war against Iran can be the beginning of the end of imperialism

The actual crisis in which global imperialism is, means for the imperialist bourgeoisie “just” sharper competition, so that market-shares – and so capacity-utilisation – is conquered on competitors, control over resources is conquered on competitors and cheaper production-forces are conquered on competitors. But this means: a forced increase of level of exploitation of the workers and forced (re-)affirmation of colonialist production-relations. This means authoritarian governing (bypassing the masquerade of “parliamentary democracy”) and WAR. This means that struggle against “austerity-plans” AND struggle against “military-intervention” should become struggle (socialist revolution) against imperialism.
When the consciousness of the workers in the imperialist centres AND the workers in “the rest of the world” will increase to that level, the coming “war against the presumed development of nuclear weapons of Iran” will be the beginning of the end of imperialism. When the whole population in the African-Asian region (“Arab world”) will be mobilised and organised in a popular war as was the case of the people in South Lebanon by Hezbollah in 2006.... this war, imperialism CAN NOT WIN.

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